A little bit of London comes to our Banstead Hair Salon

So what is this revolutionary new service that is sweeping the planet that celebs are going CRAZY for?

Answer me this:

Do you have frizzy hair?

  • Afro hair?
  • Course thick hair?
  • Curly hair?
  • Damaged hair?
  • Chemically treated hair?
  • Dull hair?

If you answered yes to any of the above then Nano keratin is for you! Also known as a Brazilian Blow dry or permanent blow dry.

Our Keratin treatment caters for all your hair repair, smoothing straightening and conditioning needs. Our keratin treatment offers you manageability and huge time saving benefits compared to other in salon treatments.

The results are instant! Sexy shiny easy to dry hair that is smooth and depending on how strong your natural curl is, you will no longer need straighteners in most cases.

In just 2-3 hours you can have brand new smooth frizz hair and what’s more…you don’t need to leave Banstead anymore to get it.

It’s no wonder this sought after service is sweeping the planet… all the top London salons are offering this service but Ora Hair have introduced it to Banstead Surrey

We have fully trained designers qualified to apply your smoothing treatment TODAY call 01737 356950

It’s an IDEAL gift for birthdays & special occasions and vouchers can be purchased

We know you will be HOOKED as soon as you try the service…it’s that good

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We can’t wait to show you this incredible new service… beautiful hair awaits you.

Don’t just take our word for it read what our clients have said about this brilliant Nano keratin Smoothing service on our Homepage testimonials